Firefly Farms right in the heart of Accident

It took some time to get all the remodeling done to house a state of the art facility.  But goat cheese is now being processed right on Main Street in Accident, MD.   The owners moved the operation from their Bittinger farm to Accident this summer.   The farm used to be the home of their goat herd as most locals remember back in the early 2000’s.  Brad Nesline used to pick up the cheese for the restaurant that he worked for back then.  He remembers when he would drive up the farm, all the goats would run to the fence and line it the whole way.  It was a highlight of the trip.  Now Firefly Farms rely on local farmers to provide them with raw goat milk for their processed gold.

Firefly Farms provides “Artisan Cheese from Maryland’s Allegheny Plateau” to multiple locations around Pittsburgh, DC, Morgantown and Baltimore areas.  On the list of available cheeses are; Allegheny Chevre, Merry Goat Round, Mountain Top Bleu, Buche Noire, Cabra LaMancha, Black & Blue, Bella Vita and Meadow Chevre.  Check out their website for a description of the cheeses.  If you have a favorite cheese, you should call before stopping by to make sure it is in stock.  They can be reached at 301-746-8188.


Who:  FireFly Farms

Where:  107 South Main Street, Accident, MD

When:  Mon-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Wire:  301-746-8188



Garrett College Community Aquatic and Recreation Complex

The grand opening of the much anticipated Community Aquatic and Recreation facility happened this past weekend.   The state of the art facility cut the ribbon on October 22, 2011.  This 32,500 square foot facility includes six lane competition swimming pool, warm water therapy pool, fully equipped fitness facility, locker and shower rooms, a wet classroom, multi-use classrooms, and a physical and occupational therapy facility operated by GMH. This facility will help teach all future students of Garrett County on how to swim with their “I Can Swim” program.  I think this a great program considering how much water and water related activities that Garrett County has to offer.  They are hoping to attract future swimming events as well.  Swim teams will be another sport to add to

Garrett County has had a long road to accommodate this facility.  Early plans had this on top of Wisp mountain near the ASCI white water course.  Now seeing this facility in its almost entirety, I personally believe this is the perfect location for it.  It fits in nicely with the rest of Garrett Community College.  The second phase  is slated for an early spring completion.  The gymnasium will be 34,000 square foot facility with three full size basketball courts with 1,600+ seating for events.  Graduations should be much easier to accommodate for Northern and Southern Garrett High Schools.

The facility is offering a variety of membership plans to the community from individual to family.  You can get their rates and hours of operation from their website at

Local State Park worker discovers Supernova

Our own Gus Johnson, a volunteer and employee of the Deep Creek Lake State park, made an interesting discovery 30 years ago.  He spotted what would now be confirmed as the youngest supernova.  He was checking on his star SN1979C when something didn’t seem right about it and then contacted the Amateur Association of Variable Star Observers to register his observation.  For this modest and knowledgeable man…the rest is history.

An unassuming man who would rather discuss the park’s butterfly program than his own achievement, Johnson nevertheless has bookmarked articles about his discovery in the stacks of Sky and Telescope magazine that crowd his modest, remote mountain home on the Deep Creek Lake shore.

Read more of his interview here

Gus is a wonderful guy and full of wisdom.  I am glad to have had to meet him prior to all of his new found notoriety.  I would like to see NASA send him to their Chandra X-ray Observatory.   I think he would be beside himself to see this place.  During his interview with Chandra staff, he says he feels like the mythological John Henry who beats the machine.  In deed he did.

Congratulations to the new members of the Garrett County Board of Realtors

Pictured; Back row is Pat Kane, Larry Smith, Andrew Eiswert and Mike Kennedy. Front row; Betsy Spiker Holcomb, Cathy Werner, Erin Strubin. Not pictured are Doug McClive and Jim Wilmot

Yesterday was the annual Installation of Officers for the Garrett County Board of REALTORS®.  Cathy Werner, the Maryland Associations of REALTORS® President, swore in the new members.  Pat Kane was the previous President of the board and handed the reigns over the very qualified Larry Smith and will continue to serve as a Director/Immediate Past President.   Our very own Andrew Eiswert fills in the position of Vice President and will serve as the President next year.  Erin Strubin will fulfill the position of Secretary.  Another Long & Foster agent, Doug McClive will sit in as this year’s Treasurer.   The following members will be served as Directors this year; Mike Kennedy, Jim Wilmot, another Long & Foster agent, Betsy Spiker Holcomb, Beverly Everett and Pat Kane.  Congratulations to everyone and good luck with the challenges that lie ahead.

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Hey what’s that smell around Deep Creek Lake?

I am sure that you have noticed a couple unpleasant odors at one time or another in your travels around Deep Creek Lake. One of those smells are from the pumping stations located around the lake.  I really notice the vile odor around Lake Shore Drive and 219 and also off Mayhew Inn Dr at Lake Shore.  I feel bad for the vacation homes in these areas. There was a spill at the Lake Shore Dr location a little more than a month and a half ago, but that didn’t stink as bad. If you haven’t heard, there’s plenty of talk about the Deep Creek Lake sewage spill.  There is definitely room for improvement on the sewage infrastructure. It’s not something we can keep sweeping under the carpet lake.

The Garrett Dept of Public Utilities are looking into correcting the both issues; future spills and the current odor.  They have released this document to share with the public on some of the options that they are considering.  I think the Citrus option is a good one.  I personally like the smell of oranges!

Oh, the other smell you might find in Garrett County comes from the NewPage Paper Mill in Luke, MD.  It has a sulfur/egg smell to it.  Usually it is more noticeable on cloudy days when it’s trapped in the valleys with us.

Other than that, you should have the wonderful smell of the great outdoors; Pine trees, campfires, burning marshmallows, bar-b-que grills, and everything else the olfactory senses can detect.