Local State Park worker discovers Supernova

Our own Gus Johnson, a volunteer and employee of the Deep Creek Lake State park, made an interesting discovery 30 years ago.  He spotted what would now be confirmed as the youngest supernova.  He was checking on his star SN1979C when something didn’t seem right about it and then contacted the Amateur Association of Variable Star Observers to register his observation.  For this modest and knowledgeable man…the rest is history.

An unassuming man who would rather discuss the park’s butterfly program than his own achievement, Johnson nevertheless has bookmarked articles about his discovery in the stacks of Sky and Telescope magazine that crowd his modest, remote mountain home on the Deep Creek Lake shore.

Read more of his interview here

Gus is a wonderful guy and full of wisdom.  I am glad to have had to meet him prior to all of his new found notoriety.  I would like to see NASA send him to their Chandra X-ray Observatory.   I think he would be beside himself to see this place.  During his interview with Chandra staff, he says he feels like the mythological John Henry who beats the machine.  In deed he did.